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Make do Collocations

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Collocations: Make and Do

Today I am sharing a lesson plan that presents and practices make/do collocations. This lesson is for elementary level students (teens/adults but not for very young learners). What is the lesson about? It is about Jack and Maria's love story. In particular, what they do before the date, what they say during the date and notes about household chores once they are living together : ).
In this post you will find  a brief lesson plan for a 45 minute lesson (the role play and note writing can last longer) along with a downloadable detailed lesson plan, handouts and a PPT.
Skills practiced: speaking, writing (mostly).

I hope you like this lesson. I used it with adult learners and they had loads of fun.

Teaching idea: Add a theatrical vibe to the session: Bring in some props like champagne glasses, flowers and have a table with two seats in the middle of the class.
Picture found here

                                     Brief lesson plan
Lead in: T. shows picture of a couple and sts fill in a table about how men and women prepare before a date (4 mins).
Task 1: Ss read two diary entries (Maria and Jack's) and find the collocations in the texts (4 mins).
Task 2: Reading comprehension task based on diary entries (6 mins).
Task 3: Ss tick a collocation grid (4 mins).
Task 4: Ss match the collocations in task 3 to phrases in task 4 (4 mins).
Task 5: Brief speaking task about what ppl talk about during dates, followed by a presentation of new collocations which is then followed by a role play. Ss act as if they are Maria and Jack on a date. They use as many collocations as they can (16 mins).
Task 6: Ss write a note related to household chores as Maria and Jack now live together. Ss use the collocations they have learnt today (6 mins).

Download lesson plan here Lesson Plan frame.doc make and do collocations

Download handout here
Make - do handout.docx

Download PPT here
(Keep in mind that the picture of the couple should be slide three but somehow it has been moved to the end. Sorry for any inconvenience : )

Please let me know what you think of this lesson once you have tried it.
Have a fun class: )

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The 2nd Conditional

I am no longer sharing posts on this website. I have moved everything to Wordpress (lesson plans as well).
My new website is

I hope I see you there :D

    Lesson Plan: The 2nd Conditional
This is a grammar lesson which focuses on teaching the 2nd conditional to intermediate level students. What ties the lesson together is this grammatical structure. There are different themes and it practices listening, speaking and writing.

Youtube video of Jennifer Lopez's song "If you had my love".
Picture of a cave.
Pictures of random items that can ( or cannot) be used when stranded in a cave.
You may also want to download a very detailed lesson plan (adaption of one of my Delta lesson plans), the handouts, the PPT.

So, let's have a look at today's lesson plan.

Very brief lesson plan:

Level: intermediate/upper intermediate
Length of lesson: 45-50 minutes

Task 1: Teacher plays 40 seconds of Jennifer Lopez song  "If you had my love'"and asks students to fill in the missing gaps (time 4 minutes).
Task 2: Teacher shows students the lyrics of the song (2 minutes).
Task 3: Teacher gives students handout 2 and asks them to fill in the formation of the 2nd conditional based on the song (2 minutes).
Task 4: Students  say what they think the guy would say to JLo  and practice forming the affirmative and negative form of the 2nd conditional (5 -6 minutes).
Task 5: Teacher shows the formation of the 2nd conditional on PPT and elicits students' understanding of the meaning of the 2nd conditional (3 minutes).
Task 6: Teacher gives handout 3 which is a matching exercise that practices the 2nd condtional (3 minutes). Teacher shows answers on PPT.
Task  7: Students do a consequence chain task (10 minutes). Instructions+ example available on PPT. Teacher collects consequence chains and offers feedback in a following class.
Task 8:  Simulation activity: Students imagine they are stranded in a cave. Students use the picture cards the teacher has given them and say how they would use these items to get out of the cave or to survive in the cave (13-15 minutes).

Download PPT here:

Download the lesson plan here:
Lesson Aims.pdf

Download the tasks here:

Word cards with suggested items for the stranded in the cave task.

Let me know what you think of this 1st lesson plan, will you? Make suggestions for the next lesson plan if you wish.

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